552 Broadway


Rectangular parcel fronting on East First Street and Broadway, 60'   245 , N 1/8 of Sonoma City Lot 61.

1840s:  Hendry and Bowman show the W.W. Scott Aobe Dwelling, built about 1846, located in the south 1/3  of Lot 61 (1940:153).  This adobe is standing and~ is located within the Sonoma Plaza National Historic Landmark District on AP 18-212-20 (579 East First Street), outside of the project area.  It is currently known as the Nash-Patton Adobe, and listed as State Landmark 667.

Dec, 1, 1846:  William W. Scott purchased Lot 61 for $9.25 with the provision that he build a house and have the lot fenced within one year ( Acalde Book A:334).

1847:  Both H.A. Green and W.W. Scott claim Lot 61.  Green reportedly built the adobe and lived in it, although Scott's title was eventually declared the valid one (Alexander 1986:46-47; Hendry and Bowman 1940:203-204),  Name "Nash-Patton" comes  from local tradition which places alcalde Nash's

1847 arrest in this dwelling and from Nancy Bones Patton, who lived in the adobe in the 1850s (Alexander 1986:47).