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Sonoma Court Shops Leasing Information
Sonoma Court Shops: A landmark property on the historic Sonoma Plaza with over two acres of retail, office, and live/work space.

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New Construction: Retail Building
New Construction: Retail Building
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We are excited to announce the construction of a new building at Sonoma Court Shops. Tucked away in the southeast corner of Sonoma Court Shops is a unique business opportunity for a retail use to include: sales oriented,  personal service oriented or   food vendor.

Surround yourself in the historic Sonoma Plaza and retail, service, office and residential ambiance of Sonoma Court Shops.

Approximately, 170 sq. feet of new construction will be available to Lease. The estimated completion date will be the summer of 2017.

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Potential Uses:
Sales Oriented:

  • Picture Frames
  • Jewelry
  • Gifts
  • Garden Supplies
  • Dry Goods
  • Clothing
  • Crafts
  • Books
  • Stationary
  • Art Supplies
  • Shoe Store
  • Florist

Personal Service Oriented:

  • Branch Bank Massage therapy
  • Tailor
  • Shoe Shine

Grab and Go Food Vendors:

  • Food Delivery
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Ice Cream
  • Coffee
  • Cheese Shop
  • Pre-packaged meal service
  • Snacks
  • Beverage for Immediate Consumption
  • Wine Tasting